Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're Getting a New Brother

Geesh - we forgot to tell you why we're having a giveaway!
We're getting a new little brother...
well, he's not really little, and he's not new,
but you know what we mean:-)

Our mom has been declared as being medically disabled,
and is getting a Service Dog.

Even though we serve mom, by making
her feel needed, and we give her
lots of attention, so that she knows she's loved...
neither of us can be a mobility dog.
So - let us introduce you to Gabriel.

Gracie: "Isn't he a fine look'n boy?
He has a nice normal snout..
nothing like your looks like you ran into a door - mug!"

George: " Gracie, you're just saying that cause mom
likes me best!!!"

Gracie: "No she doesn't."

George: "She Does too."

Gracie: "Does not."

George: " Does too."

Gracie: "Does not."

George: "Does too."

Gracie: "Hey - did you hear that?"

George: "Hear what?"

Gracie: "I think I just heard the lid come off of our Treat Jar."

George: "I'm outta here!"

Gracie: "Stupid dog. It works every time. Hee-Hee.
Mom does like me best...she just feels sorry for the old
smushy face with the brains of a cat!"

"BTW - Mom could really use your help.
The cost of getting Gabe aren't cheap,
so if everyone who reads this post, would pass on the info
to their readers...
then if each of you, and each of your readers
would donate just $1 to her PayPal account at
Libby's Library News
(Left sidebar at bottom)
mom will have enough money, to get him.
Gabriel is a rescue - just like me.
Right now, he's living with a trainer in Kansas.
Mom needs to pay for his veterinary bills,
transportation to and from Kansas,
and for the needed SD supplies."

George: "I'm back and there weren't any treats in the kitchen,
but I'm sending you big doggie kisses for all your help!"

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  1. Libby, I'm listening to George and Gracie on this one, so you just butt out, okay? ;)