Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nap Philosophy

Naps are a wonderful thing!

But you should always take them
with one eye open!

Yeah - we're still here.

Sorry that it's been so long between posts.
Mom has the pawsword, so we have
to wait for her to let us on to the

George - I got very very sick during the summer.
Over half of my trachea collapsed.
I coughed and coughed, and mom said
that I sounded as if I had the Croup.
I couldn't go outside so I had
to use my litterbox all the time.
I also got put on a DIET!

I'm doing so much better now.
We went to see Dr. Denezak last week.
Just for our 6 month check up.
Mom thought that I might have
lost 2 or 2.5 lbs.
I got on the scale...
I lost 4 whole pounds.
Everyone was jumping up and down
and telling me what a good job
I had done. It was waaaaaay cool.

Here is my new skinny self!

Now it's safe for me to get my teeth cleaned again.
They will use a different protocol on me
and I'll have both Dr. Denezak and
Dr. Rushing taking care of me.
Mom can't wait,
cause she says I have bad breath.

Gracie - Yep that's for sure!!!

George - Butt out, this is my post.
I'll let you know how things go.
I have to take
antibiotics for a week,
and then I'll go get them cleaned.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God and doG

Mom saw this and said that we must post it...
Why do mom's cry so easily?
Go HERE to see more.