Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Here Is My New Sweetie

Have you ever seen a more lovely pug?
Oh how I adore her mug.
Her tongue is such a wonderous thing.
What happiness the sight of her brings.
Dearest Tuni, you're the one for me.
My love and kisses I send to thee!

My heart has been stolen.


  1. Dearest George,

    I am so flatterds by your poem, you are one sweet pugger. You have the cutes tongue like me. I am sendings you many pug hugs!

    Sweetly yours,

  2. You have lovely taste, George! Tuni is a beauty!!!

  3. Hi George! Tuni is lovely indeed! Guys, you have the coolest sound tracks here! Grandma is laughing at the doggy Christmas song. She and mom love it!

  4. That is so sweet that you guys are in love!!!!