Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Like My New Bed

I have terrible allergies.
I sneeze and cough all the time.
Mom was worried that my old bed was making them worse.
So, she got me a new one!

See how big it is?

She says that it's a crib mattress, whatever the heck that is.
Mom sprayed the mattress down with disinfectant.
(It sure doesn't smell as good as my old bed :-(
Then she put something called a mattress cover on it,
and topped that off with new sheets!

Now have to take a pink pill every morning
and every night.
Pink pills are perfect for girl dogs like me :-)

Mom hopes that the new bed and the pink pills
will help me to feel better.
My mom loves me a lot!


  1. Gracie, is that pink pill Benny-dryl? Momma gives those to me too! They make me sleepy! And now you have a nice bed to nap on!!!!

  2. Gracie:

    What a nice big bed!

    My Bandit gets those pink pills too for his lots of sneezes, snot rockets, and eye boogers. They are worse after we have been outside. But the pink pills help alot.