Saturday, June 27, 2009

I George - Alas My Poor Life

I've had a ruff week.
I've had to get a BATH:-(
Seth put me in mom's shower and then hosed me down...If that wasn't bad enough, he poured soap on smelled like coconut (not stinky at all;-(

I don't care for the fluffy look!

But now, at least I'm dry!

Then on Thursday night I started coughing really hard. Mom said that I sounded like I had The Croup. I didn't know what that was, but it sounded like poop - so I thought "that's a good thing". But apparently not...cause I had to go to the vets office on Friday.
Now don't get me wrong - I like going to the vets.
They are always really nice to me, and there is LOTS of good stuff to sniff...
...but mom looked so worried.
I got poked and prodded and ex-rayed.
Dr. Danezac said the good news, was that I didn't have peemonia.
The bad news, is that 1/2 of my trachea has collapsed.
Now, I'm not supposed to get hot or excited...
... and I have to take more pills ...
...and I have to go on another D*I*E*T.
I got a new bag of food and some cans of food too.
Mom started me on it last night, and I must say that the stuff tasted pretty good
I heard her say that she's starting me on green beans tonight.
What the heck did I do to deserve that?

It's soooooooooooooo hot here that the vet said that
I can only go outside to potty really early in the morning...
... like before the sun is up (and darn it - I like to sleep in)...
... and then way after it gets dark in the evening.
And I can't play around and sniff stuff - I just have to go out and get it done real quick.
The rest of the time I have to use my litter box!

Well enough about me...
...get your cameras out!

Ike is having his 1st Annual Summer Photo contest.

Here's what Ike says about The Rules:
email a photo of you that epitomizes summer - swimming, sunbathing, picnicing, eating wallymelon, whatever it is you do this fine time of year. Only one photo per animal (this rule can be broken if you have more than one photo that is totally pawesome - you will know if you can break the rule.)
All submissions must be in by 10:00pm CST on Sunday June 28.
My mom will pick the 5 finalists and then you will vote!
email: emilyandian @ (take out the spaces)
Let the competition begin! Woot!

To go to Ikes - click:


At Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures they are having a Stick Out Your Tongue - 100th post contest. But I wouldn't even bother to enter...
... cause I (George) am gonna win this one paws down!!!
Just look at my picture up there.
I have one beautiful tongue!

But, just to be fair - go


to enter.


  1. George I hope your all better soon so you can play outside again.

  2. Poor George, your mommie told me all about this and I hate it for you. You mommie will take extra special care of you, she like that ya know! Hey, you left out swattin skeeters and flea scratchin as fun summer activity. The fleas are always worse in the summer even with advantage,etc. Stay cool!

  3. HI George! I tell ya, it doesn't get much worse than the bath. We work for weeks and weeks to build up our yummy scent and they just WASH it away!!

    I am sorry to hear about your trachea. Take it easy for a while, ok?

  4. Oh dear, not good that things are happening to your George. You just better get better so your mommy can be happy again.

  5. George how are you doing? did you loose weight already? the trick is to let one leg touch the floor while you are on the scale! your mom and the vet will think you are too skinny instead!