Monday, April 6, 2009

A Friend in Need

We're asking all our friends to stop for a moment, and say a prayer for our mom's friend, Becky. Her little chihuahua, Sassy, is very sick. Becky doesn't know what to do. You can read about her latest trip to the vet, HERE.

My mom loves Becky dearly, so we do too. Pray that she will know what is best for little Sassy, and that she will have comfort in whatever decision that she makes. Thank you!


  1. THanks George, thanks Gracie. This means so much to me. I thank everyone for their thoughts, warm wishes and prayers for Sassy. Love you!!

  2. Good doggies, George and Gracie!
    Becky and Sassy are in my daily prayers and I know the good Lord will help her to make the right decision...

  3. Oh, dear. Tough decision. Will be praying.