Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello Blog World...Here We Are!

Wow - We have our very own blog. Who would have thunk it?

Many thanks to Sweedy's Layout's (Eduardo Snuggle Puggle's mom) for our awesome background! All you doggie bloggy people, should check her out. Eduardo's mom needs work, and dog food ain't cheap, so throw some business her way. It's easy...just click on her button right there on the left side bar. Do ya see it? Scroll down a little. It's right there under our profile.
Make sure you tell her that we sent ya!!!

Our mom's been a little "under the weather" since she had her bum knee fixed. She has trouble holding her camera while on crutches...but we're gonna be extra good, and try to hold still so that she can get some new photo's of us.

Our 2 legged sister, Suzanne, is coming for a visit this week. Mom is so excited, she's just about wet her pants several times in the last couple of days.

Gracie - "Suzanne likes me best. She says that I am the most sweetest dog ever, in the whole wide world"

George - " Get over yourself. She just says that to make you feel better, cause she knows that I'm the Alpha around here."

Gracie - " George, you make the term DOG BREATH a bad thing! She does so like me best."

George - " Dream on - Pugs rule, Carolina dogs drool."

Gracie - "She does so like me best."

George - "Does not."

Gracie - "Does so."

George - "Does not."

Gracie - "Does so into infinity."

George - "Oh grow up."

Gracie - "No, you grow up."

George - "No, you grow up."

Gracie - " You're such a jerk?"

George - "Hey - did you hear that?"

Gracie - "What did you hear?"

George - " I think that I heard glass clank."

Gracie - "Seriously, bro? You mean like the clank when the lid comes off the dog food jar?"

George - "YEAH!"

Gracie - "Last one there's a rotten egg."

George - "No fair. My legs are shorter that yours are."

Gracie - "Tough luck stumpy."


  1. Hi Mom. You are too funny. Have fun with Suzanne!


  2. LOL! Congrats to getting it up and running.

  3. George and Gracie, I owe your mom a BIG apology. I just thought she was nuts or on meds or sumthin'. But I see now, why she is the way she is! Cut her a break you two and quit arguin' !!!

    But I have to admit that you got the hang of this blogging thing down pat... so I guess you've been paying attention after all!
    GOOD doggies !!

  4. Welcome to your very own blog George and Gracie.

  5. Welcome George & Gracie! Since I'm half pug I'd have to agree that pugs do in fact rule!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  6. hi welcome! i hope your mom feels better soon. i dont mind seeing old pics in the meantime!

  7. Hmmm, this blog is going to be interesting! I'd better become a follower!

  8. Congratulations to getting your blog up. Now I suppose you two will be off and running!

  9. I couldn't get my comment to work yesterday, so glad it seems fine today and was probably me, not you!

    George and Gracie! Welcome, and can't wait to hear about all your adventures, but do go easy on mom!

  10. Hi guys!
    It is so nice to meet you! Welcome to the blogging world!
    Love Clover xo

  11. I am just now realizing you two actually started your own blog. Now you need to behave yourselves while your mom is healing. No fair to make her chase after you. Have you met my granddoggy? He has a blog that his mommy helps with. His name is Cayman. Tell them I sent you.
    Here is the link: